The House on Hurley Pond Road

I loved Hurley Pond Road by first time author Darren Fitzgerald. He tells and interesting tale of fright in Hemmingwaysque prose. This amazing author also throws in a little Edgar Allen Poe like horror for good measure.
I anxiously await his next work. Hopefully someone picks up the genius of this book and makes a movie !!


If you want fiction then yes, go read King or the thousands of others fiction authors out there that make up their stories and can write what they please. If you want a story as recalled by a real person then read this. Yes, it is true that it raises more questions than it answers and is not as well written as a Stephen King novel but more like a person just telling his story. Some of it may seem quite fantastic and is embellished in part, I am sure. For some reason though, there seems to be a hint of truth that shines through.
For those regular readers, it is an easy read. One evening or a day or two for the casual reader. I think that some of the bad reviews may be because they were expecting this professionally written horror story and were disappointed in it being a true story written by a regular guy trying to recall things from 40 years ago.
However, if this story has any truth to it at all, then in comparison I would have to say that Amityville is Casper the Friendly Ghost and Hurley Pond the Exorcist.

Alex JJ Payden "AJJP" (NJ)

Finally, and just in time for Halloween, someone releases one of the better true ghost stories that I've had the pleasure of reading in recent memory. Fitzgerald's book entitled "The House on Hurley Pond Road" is a quick and easy read which you'll probably end up finishing in a day or two.
The book chronicles the plight of the Fitzgerald family whose supernatural torment lasted nearly a decade. And to think, the family who lived in the Amityville Horror house only lasted 28 days! One wonders why the Fitzgeralds didn't just pack up and leave at the first bump in the night and be done with it!
The story goes on to say (and I'm summarizing here) that due to the numerous unfortunate events in the house's history, enough bad juju had been generated to manifest some really evil spirits which ended up inflicting all manner of terror on anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with them.
The story has its obligatory cold spots, seances, mist, fog, doors slamming, doors locking, doors opening, levitating stuff, creepy basement, creepy attic, etc but it also has some nice twists not normally associated with a ghost novel. People interested in this particular genre might also enjoy The Myrtles Plantation, Night Stalks the Mansion and Grave's End.

David Cohen

I enjoyed the book very much. Was disappointed when it was over because I did not want it to end. Would like to know more about the house and other people whom have had happenings in it. Glad I bought it.


I read all in one sitting! I think its well written and I went to the book signing where I spoke to several people who were witness to many of the happenings in the house, both while the author lived there and after he moved out.

Jane Haas "janehaasphotos" (NJ)

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