The House on Hurley Pond Road
I decided to write this novel after taking note of the high level of interest that the public was displaying towards nearly all paranormal topics these days. Tales of ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings are talked about freely without any consequence of the storyteller being labeled as “crazy.”

After viewing the current crop of TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, The Ghost Whisperer, and Scariest Places on Earth, I decided that it was time to let the public in on what the paranormal meant for my family and I. For us, it was more than just the random turning on of a light fixture or a chair moving across the floor. For our family it was a truly menacing and malevolent force that could cause serious harm and wanton destruction at a moments notice.

Although I could have written this book more than 20 years ago, I don’t think that it would have had the same impact as I hope it will today.

I have decided that now is the time to tell my family’s story.

Darren Fitzgerald
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