The House on Hurley Pond Road
Darren Fitzgerald Darren Fitzgerald was born on the night of January 21st, 1967 in Point Pleasant New Jersey.

His hobbies include swimming, fishing, SCUBA diving and participating in off-road dirt bike racing, despite having broken most of the bones in his arms and/or legs at one time or another.

Having spent the bulk of his childhood living at the house on Hurley Pond Road, Darren went on to develop a lifelong interest of all things supernatural. As a professional artist, his love of the horror genre is reflected in his drawings and sculptures which are mostly dark, but frequently quite humorous.

After high school, Darren continued to hone his skills on projects using a variety of mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolors, pen and ink, clay sculptures, resin molds, sign-painting, illustration and custom portraits.

Today he works side by side with master artist Jeff Walmsley in the creation of high-end custom artworks etched in sandblasted glass panels.
Darren has taken a year off to document the first portion of his truly extraordinary life. He currently resides in southern New Jersey.
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